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"Portraits of Lady Pilots"

From Shoreline Boulevard to sandy Padre Island, airplane propellers hum the song of the Corpus Christi skies. Home to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, which produces about 400 new aviators each year, our city by the sea is where many aviation careers take off – literally.


"For Shucks Sake"

Even at 4:00 on a Monday afternoon, the Water Street Oyster Bar buzzes with the thrill of leaving the office and the promise of mouth-watering fresh seafood. Plates of mesquite-grilled salmon, shrimp harpoons, and fried calamari drift seductively by as I find my way to the table where Richard Lomax, the President and CEO of the Water Street Restaurants, welcomes me with a handshake and a smile.


"A South Texas Love Story: 1915 Farm"

Meyersville, Texas is a beautiful, rural blip on the map. A half hour outside of Victoria, it’s a surprising choice for an outgoing couple in their early thirties to call “home.” But as I drive down Fox Crossing Road and hang a right onto 1915 Farm, it becomes instantly obvious why Catherine and Tanner Klemcke decided to move out of Corpus Christi and start “a quieter life” in the country.


"La Vie Sauvage"

With summer temps soaring over 100 and humidity that hits you like a blast from a hairdryer, South Texans are more likely to be rocking tank tops and fishing shirts than high fashion French scarves. And yet, the luxury manufacturer Hermès has earned a place in our closets and our history.


"The Epitome of Excellence"

When I walked in for our meeting, I was expecting Omni Executive Chef Dean Sprague to be wearing a full white coat, tall hat, and maybe even a stylish French mustache. But I clearly have an overactive imagination, because when I finally spotted Sprague at a picnic table, he was rocking a simple white tee and Ray-Bans. The coat and the hat (it’s called a toque, I learned) is his daytime look, he tells me. After hours, he’s one rolled-up sleeve away from a James Dean throwback.


"Hello, My Friend"

In the beginning, it was the early ’90s and Cafe Calypso was a two-by-five coffee cart in a bookstore. Husband-and-wife team Erdal and Marcy worked side-by-side amid the shelves of Half Price Books, roasting, brewing, and serving coffee seven days a week, well before coffee shops were part of Corpus culture.


"Paper or Plastic"

With its miles of coastline and shell-filled beaches, Corpus Christi was a dream come true for a lifelong beachcomber. Then, without explanation, the shells stopped washing up on shore.


"Former UFC fighter trains veterans, local military in jiujitsu"

The windows of Element Academy of Jiu-Jitsu fog with sweat each night as athletes of all ages and backgrounds roll and grapple across a black gym mat, practicing traditional Brazilian jiujitsu moves like heel hooks, armbars and rear naked chokes.  


"Retired 1st Sgt. Carlandra “CT” Moss, leading the charge to help military families of color"

Leading efforts to improve the service experiences of military families of color is Lt. Gen. Bingham’s former staffer and mentee, retired 1st Sgt. Carlandra “CT” Moss, who served in the Army for 24 years. Now, she continues to serve her military community as Director of Blue Star Families’ Racial Equity & Inclusion Initiative.


"How DOD inspired a Netflix holiday movie"

Netflix brought us a brand-new holiday movie in 2020, “Operation Christmas Drop” — Hollywood’s twinkling rom-com version of the Department of Defense’s longest-running humanitarian airlift operation. This holiday season, we’re bringing you the real story behind the film, the mission, and the remarkable service members who make it happen.

Magazines: Work
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