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Meet Emma

Emma's love for all things literary started young.

She wrote her first memoir at age 7 (garbage), fell in love with romance novels at 13, and authored a rollicking historical time travel romance before she graduated high school (also, sadly, garbage). 

Fortunately, that young writer found herself some excellent writing and English teachers, and eventually became a professional writer, journalist, and editor -- with an MFA in Creative Writing to prove it! Her work has appeared in The Bend Magazine, Military Families Magazine, and Reserve & National Guard Magazine, and on

As a freelance writer, Emma's specialties include nonprofit storytelling, profiles & human interest stories, and fitness content. She has worked with national brands, nonprofits, and small businesses across diverse industries, including Keller Williams, Renee C. Gage Photography, Endeavors, FightCamp, and Lotus Revenue & Brand Consultants.

She holds a B.A. in English from Centre College in Kentucky, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Old Dominion University, where she was a Perry Morgan Fellow and Nonfiction Editor for Barely South Review literary journal.

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