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The Military SO Stories Project

Military SO Stories Project: Text

What is the project? 

This is a creative nonfiction project that began as my graduate thesis at Old Dominion University! Since then it has grown into a book-length narrative project. My goal is to interview a diverse pool of military significant others and then write nonfiction stories based on the information shared in those interviews. We’ll talk about life as a modern military partner, and what it means to commit oneself to a lifestyle that often challenges our notions of love, family, strength, and self. 

Why am I doing this project? 

Military life can feel alienating and out of control, and I want this project to be a kind of resource…I want to provide stories that will offer company and community to anyone navigating military life, or a life with similar challenges. In other words, I’m challenging myself to write the book I wish I’d been able to read when I first encountered military life. And the best way to do that is to gather firsthand experiences from those who have been through it, and are going through it right now. 

As a freelance writer, I’ve written stories highlighting military spouse and Veteran experiences for The Bend Magazine, Military Families Magazine, Reserve & National Guard Magazine, and nonprofits serving Veterans. Now, I want to take this focus to a new creative level.

What does the interview process look like?

Coffee! Drinks! Dinner! Virtual or in-person! These interviews will be informal, conversational, and personal. I’m asking for 1-2 hours of your time for three weeks (ie. We would conduct 3 interviews over 3 weeks). I’ll record the interviews on my phone and transcribe them, then remove all names and identifying information so that your privacy is safer than Fort Knox. 

Who am I looking to interview? 

​At this time I am looking to speak with military SOs who have been historically underrepresented: SOs of color, LGBTQ+ SOs, and male SOs who have not themselves served. 

For the purposes of this project, the term "Significant Other" refers to:

  • Spouses

  • Girlfriends/boyfriends

  • Partners

  • Former military significant others

  • SOs of active duty, reservist, or retired personnel

I’m interested in interviewing folks across branches of the military and around the globe. 

How can you get involved?

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please fill out the brief Introduction Form below,

and I will be in touch shortly!

Military SO Stories Project: About Me

Share Your Story!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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Military SO Stories Project: Text
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